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Echoes and Threads
Saturday 20th April - Saturday 18th May 2024 The Main Gallery Fisherton Mill

Tamsin Loveday Echoes and Threads gallery view.jpg

There is an exciting programme of events including creative workshops and Artists' talks associated with this exhibition. 

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The land is a palimpsest; carrying traces of people and their lives from deep time to yesterday. They resonate with echoes of the past. Our ancestors were audacious, committing resources and community effort to raise huge stones, build massive earth banks and craft charismatic burial monuments that intrigue and inspire contemporary human beings in myriad ways. 

“Echoes and Threads” is a resting point along a journey of exploration into the mysteries and wonders of human beings’ relationships to, with and within these ancient monuments and ritual landscapes. The underpinning desire for this work is to seek out and create connections. 

The artworks shown are the output of sustained research and creative experimentation to unpick the threads that connect us all with these special places.  

Inspired by the energy and beauty of sacred sites such as the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Landscapes, Tamsin Loveday and Helen Kirby use unique approaches to textile art, printmaking and mixed media to explore the connections between past and present, archaeology, spirituality and contemporary culture. Their artwork invites the viewer to reflect on their own relationship with these special places and to imagine the mysteries and meanings that they hold.

Tamsin Loveday Wheel of the year Wands detail.jpg
Detail Wheel of the year Wands
Tamsin Loveday
Tamsin Loveday imbolc3_edited.jpg
"Imbolc" (detail) a "Wand" by Tamsin Loveday
resting on detail of an energy diagram sketch
Studio drawings of offerings .jpg
Offerings found and made - 
mixed media drawings
Tamsin Loveday
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